Want to Transform Your Life?

This Universe has its own laws and all that it is made up of functions as per these laws. Law of attraction, a very popular law of the Universe, states that we have the power to attract all that we want in our lives by placing our focus and thoughts on it.

We are vibrational beings and the frequency at which we vibrate decides what we attract. Positive thoughts and emotions such as love, compassion, hope etc are made up of high-frequency vibrations and will attract positive outcomes. Negative thoughts and emotions such as hatred, anger, guilt etc are made up of low frequency vibrations and will attract negative outcomes. This means that as we raise our vibrations to what we want to experience and manifest, it will start showing up in our lives.

Wonderful! Isn’t it?

So, let’s see how to make the law of attraction work for you. Here are some of the most effective ways to go ahead with it-

Radiate what you want to attract – To attract a certain vibration into your life you have to become that vibration first. So, in actual terms, you attract what you radiate. If you are in harmony with yourself you will attract harmony; in love with yourself you will attract love; and at peace with your life’s situations you will attract peace. Be it to attract it.

Ask empowering questions – When pulled down by life and surrounded by bad times, we often ask questions like- why me? What wrong had I done? Why did it have to happen? These are wrong questions radiating lower frequency, thus attracting more difficulties, pain and suffering into your life. The key to rise above the problems is to replace them with empowering positive questions. Ask, is this teaching me something? Is this here to help me evolve? What is my life’s purpose? What is the path that I should take? As you throw such powerful questions to the Universe, you will be answered by it in form of signs, nudges, dreams and visions. Enough to help you walk the path and come out of the grim situation to manifest all that you want.

Talk about possibilities rather than problem – When in a problem focus more on the possibilities. Feeding your problem with doubt, fear and anxiety will pull your vibrational frequency down further while looking at the solutions and working towards it will lift it up. Start envisioning the possibilities. Think of the kind of life that you want to live. Write it down. Talk about it with your trusted friends. Dream about it. Your visions will help your frequency to go up and you will start to attract solutions instead of problems.

Stop playing the victim card – Stop blaming the world for your bad experiences. Stop saying that it happened because someone was irresponsible, your spouse did not listen to you, your mom did not bring you up well, or you never had the chance to study further. Instead, take responsibility for who you are and your circumstances and be willing to look at a higher possibility. Open up to a new perception, a new view of the world. Mediate, pray, do whatever that makes you look within. Over there, right inside your core, you will find the answers to some of the most difficult situations.

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