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In just 60 Mins of this Energizing 1-on-1 Executive Coaching, You Will Uncover:

  • How to Communicate More Effectively with Your Boss & Colleagues
  • No 1 Secret Formula to Become an Executive Others Love to Work With
  • Tried-and-Tested Methods to Reach Your Cherished Career Goals
  • How to Become the First Choice for Promotions at Work
  • Unmissable Techniques to Achieve Ultimate Work-Life Balance
  • Sure-Fire Ways to Fight Stress, Burnout and Over-Thinking
  • Easy Hacks to Sharpen Your Leadership Skills
  • Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Self-Confidence
  • And much more!

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Do you want to become more productive and efficient in your job? Is stress, faulty work-life balance and unfulfilled goals sapping your energy? Do you wish to communicate better with your team, boss or colleagues? Are you looking to improve your leadership skills? If yes, you need an executive coaching session with Peyush Bhatia, leading executive coach in Delhi.


Surveys reveal stress as the No. 1 factor for the rising suicide rates among corporate professionals. The feelings of ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘I will never reach my goals’ cause executives to drift away from their goals. Corporate Coaching comes into the picture.
Executive Coaching is a powerful tool to make you a more dynamic, productive and successful executive. It takes you closer to your goals and dreams through awareness, self-realization, and unleashing your hidden capabilities.


Our Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Intelligence Quotient must be fully activated to lead a fulfilling and joyful life. But most of us don’t even know what is driving us.

  • Physical Quotient: It governs our physical wellbeing and inherent thoughts. The moment we become self-aware and change our thoughts, our life begins to change for the better.
  • Emotional Quotient: Our emotions run our life. And our emotional quotient helps us to understand and process these emotions. If not processed correctly, emotions get stuck and interfere with our state of mind.
  • Spiritual Quotient: What we see in the physical world is only 10% of our reality. The remaining 90% is Karma, the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, etc.; but no one tells you that!
  • Intelligence Quotient: It refers to our level of intelligence or reasoning ability and plays an important role in paving your path to success.


“Just as a chair cannot stand if any of its four feet break, we cannot reach our full potential if even one of these quotients is missing.”

A certified Executive Life Coach and Leadership Coach in Delhi, Peyush empowers you to activate your Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Intelligence quotient. Her session begins with the awareness stage, where you make the most crucial discovery of ‘WHO AM I’?

So, with each successive session, you take a step closer to becoming a more productive, efficient, goal-oriented and stress-free professional.

During one-to-one sessions with Peyush Bhatia, you will discover yourself on a whole new level. By discussing your challenges, you cleanse the internal blockages holding you back and see your problems from a healthier perspective.
Get Ready To:

  • Better Understand Yourself
  • Realize Your Life’s Purpose
  • Attain an Optimum Work-Life Balance
  • Manage your Negative Thoughts & Emotions
  • Become Stress-Free and Enjoy Your Work
  • Become a More Compassionate Leader
  • Communicate Better with Your Colleagues and Seniors
  • Plan Your Career Graph & Attain the Success You Deserve, and much more.




Peyush Bhatia is a certified Executive Life Coach and Corporate Trainer in New Delhi. She specializes in helping executives and senior corporate professionals unleash their true potential. An expert in several advanced modalities, she works with her clients from the ground-up, empowering them to climb the corporate ladder without stress, strain or burnout. Her coaching sessions are high-energy and full of positive vibes. Her work is often covered by many leading media houses, magazines and newspapers. These include CNBC, 107.8 FM, Disha TV, Thrive Global, Financial Times, Times of India and Medium, etc.


The executive coaching was just what I needed to scale up my leadership skills. It helped me to establish a mechanism for a two-way and receptive communication with my team and build trust. Today, I have grown moreconfident in my role and am able to pull up my team to realise their potential and deliver desired outcomes

Deepal Saluja

It has been an out of the world experience to be coached by Peyush under her executive coaching program. She has this miraculous way about helping people to realise what they are truly capable of and achieve the unthinkable. For me, it has meant personal & business development, multiplication in revenue and rapid expansion


Working with Peyush has helped me to reflect on my shortcomings and identify my areas of improvement. She was very patient as I voiced out my concerns and aspirations and showed me the path to address both. I am so thankful to her for creating a challenging yet safe environment for me to fill the skill gap and up my leadership game.

Nikita Tuli

Peyush is a rare combination of someone who understands the intricacies of the business world and can travel deep into your mind to work on your psychological barriers. So, her executive coaching sessions have not just helped me to develop as a professional and stay more relevant to the changing business landscape but also to form a fresh perspective about myself and the world. Now I am better equipped to handle my people, know what motivates them and drives them towards higher efficacy. At the same time, I also watch out for my thoughts and actions and constantly work on self-improvement.


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