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1 - Our audience is keen to read the stories of people creating a difference in the world. Tell us about your area of work in detail.
My work revolves around helping people conquer whatever is holding them back in their life and evolve to reach their full potential. It requires their mind, body, soul and emotions to be completely aligned. I help them get there through various techniques that I have acquired and practiced as a certified life & business coach, therapist, energy healer and arhatic yogi. In each case, I blend science with spirituality and take up a balanced approach to ensure a holistic development. This is enabled by my exposure to quantum physics and neuroplasticity as an Engineer in Electronics & Communication.

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of people from different backgrounds and challenges. They could be homemakers, working professionals, children, parents, companies or individuals. Most of them are in pursuit of something that looks impossible to them at the moment or they are going through a rough patch in their lives. I handhold them in finding their inner strength and prepare them for success across innumerable phases of life. I pull them out of their limiting beliefs. My sessions help them to override their fears and anxieties to emerge as happy and peaceful beings. And, there is no standard formula for this. A customized approach is used for every person depending upon his/her challenge, mindset, background, life’s experience, etc. We walk the path together and work out the best possibilities. In the end, it is about how happy and successful they are.

Recently, I have extended my work to an area which can actually make a huge difference to the world. I offer a one-year life coaching course to people who wish to transform themselves and then the world to make it a happier and better place. The course opens the door to inculcate positive thinking and better living techniques to individuals and awards them with a certified degree in life coaching.

2 - How long have you been coaching? What are the niches you focus on?
I coach on a variety of topics which are taken up through one-on-one sessions, corporate trainings or seminars and workshops. They can vary from corporate stuffs like communication, leadership, team building to people-centric ones like emotion management, parenting, relationship building, money matters, manifestation, anger, happiness, success, ego, childhood healing and numerous others. However, I specialize in depression and relationship building. It is amazing to help people come out from a state of hopelessness and see them live and dream again.

3 - When and why did you decide to become a life coach? What do you love about coaching the most?
It was about 14 years ago when I started seeking answers and solutions to my struggles in life. Like most people, I had a fair share of it. My life’s challenges took me on a long quest, answers to which started unfolding as I enrolled with Landmark Education. They and several other forums taught me many things about mind, body, soul, emotions, karmic life, brain, my origin, etc. I kept learning and gathering all the pieces together, one after the other, till I was satisfied. I started using this assembled knowledge in fusion with science to develop a unique understanding about how life works and made mine function full throttle. Once mine was on track it inspired me to support others as well.

People think that life is too tough and get caught in a mental block. They believe that things are meant to get worse, diseases will multiply, medicines will never stop and life will never be as they dreamt of. I make them believe that it is not so. I work with them and prove it. I help them turn their sad stories to fairy tales. Diseases are nothing but stuck emotions. All we need to do is loosen these emotions. Healing would automatically follow. It is just like the dirty filter in our air-conditioners. Unless we clean it and let go of the dirt, fresh cool air will not flow through. Similarly, if we want good things to happen to us, we shall first have to get rid of the past and the negative emotions that keep us stuck. Once we do this, we will allow life to flow through us with full intensity.

This is what I do. My coaching sessions help them let go of their life’s stories. It helps them to get rid of their past, the burden that has been accumulated right since childhood. They let go of their negative emotions & insecurities- anger, fear, jealousy, hatred, incompetence, judgement, etc. They learn to stop worrying about their future and start living in the present. And when this happens, they get free of their diseases and start living a happy and healthy life.

4 - What is the biggest challenge you helped one of your clients through?
I can share so many success stories where people have been healed from various diseases such as sciatica pain, bronchitis, allergies, etc. But one that is very close to my heart is of a girl who suffered chronic anxiety attacks. In her late 20’s, she was on medication for her condition and had come to me for help. It had ached me to see her so helpless. In a few sessions her anxiety attacks stopped and she was completely weaned off her medication. I can count that as one of my biggest achievement as a healer and life coach.

5 - What is the biggest challenge you have overcome in your own life? What challenges do you go through on an everyday basis?
My journey as a life coach and healer helped me overcome a great deal of my life’s challenges. One which I would like to share is Claustrophobia – a condition that is triggered by an irrational and intense fear for crowded and tight spaces. I could barely sit in a cinema hall and would constantly look for the exit or fiddle with a bottle to calm my nerves. Travelling by air was also impossible for me at that point in life. Today, I travel for hours in an aeroplane and watch movies to my heart’s desire.

Thought that was one of it, I still face challenges in my daily life. Breakdowns continue for me in every area of my life. That has not changed. But my reaction to them has certainly evolved. Earlier, I used to break along with my breakdowns. I used to shatter and scream at people. It took a toll on my health and relationships. My brain used to be hijacked. I would worry and loose my peace of mind. But now, the game has changed. I have learnt to handle the breakdowns well. When it happens, I do not fall with it. I do not react and get into polarities. I have understood and accepted that life will always move up and down but I have to remain neutral. Practising this continuously gives me a lot of strength to deal with my challenges.

6 - When there are so many life coaches in the industry, what makes your work different from others.
7 - How would you describe your approach to coaching?
There is no standard approach to the way I coach. No fixed protocol. The profession doesn’t work like that. I deal with human beings who might seem to have similar challenges but they all have a different life story and conditioning. They have different ways of dealing with things & attach varied meanings and importance to those. I understand this and respect their need for personalized coaching. Thus, I treat every person who approaches me very differently. I hear them out, figure out where they are coming from, what are their unique challenges and then identify an approach that will work for them.

A lot of importance is given to maintaining the confidentiality between us. People trust me immensely with their darkest secrets and I have to honour them. My approach certainly involves respecting their life and whatever they have gone through.

8 - Any favourite self-help books, authors?
A lot of them. My favourite books are ‘Autobiography of a yogi’, ‘Dark side of light chasers’, ‘Becoming Supernatural’ and ‘Essence of Bhagwad Gita. Favourite authors: Debbie Ford, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Branden, Wayne Dyer and Joe Vitals

9 - What result do you expect to transpire from each coaching session?
At the end of each coaching session, I expect to see people walk away with a little more hope than they came in with. Seeing them smile as they move out is my ultimate reward. Also, I want them to realize that life is not to be taken so seriously. It is not worthy of a lot of significance. That they are the creators of their own reality, and if they resolve, they can create and achieve whatever they want.

10 - Your journey about hosting events, programs, and retreats around the world.
My journey as a life-coach has been long and beautiful. Long, since I have come a long way from the time, I first pursued it to heal myself. Beautiful, as it helps me to heal and help a lot many in despair.

Ever since I realized that I can help people rise above their current limitations and live as they always desired, I have coached them in various formats, depending upon their needs. I have also been an active part of various learning programs to enhance my own capabilities as a life coach and many others to motivate life coaches around the world:

One on one sessions- A personalized session where I deal with the challenges and quest of an individual and help him/her lead a better and more fulfilling life. A person-centric approach to coaching where my entire energy and time is focused on healing a particular person and making his/her life better.
Corporate trainings – Vibrant and motivating training sessions with corporate employees and individuals at various executive and management positions on topics like team building, leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, strategic planning, productivity, etc.
Seminars & workshops – Informal sessions with a small group of people to engage them on a common topic and help them with coaching tools to improve their productivity, leadership skills, etc.
Retreats – Soulful retreats to peaceful destinations, free of digital distractions to help people introspect and connect with themselves and bring themselves in alignment with the Universe. A lot of yogic and coaching practices are imparted to help the participants evolve into happier and contended humans.
Life of Joy School – There is a lasting need to reach out to people in despair which cannot be met by me alone. The Life of Joy School of coaching helps me realize this need by creating an army of certified life coaches who first learn to make their own life work and then help others in achieving the same.

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1 - You are a renowned life and business coach in India. Tell us about how the epiphany of entering the coaching industry happened?
Life coaching is about helping people sail through the difficult areas of their life and find their own strengths to ultimately achieve their life’s goals. That is what I do for those who approach me. Though, it was not always like that.

About 14 years ago, I was struggling with my own share of challenges across my career, relationships, health and more. In pursuit of their solutions, I enrolled into Landmark Education, where I joined few courses to seek my answers. Thus, began my journey to fulfil numerous quests, which eventually led me to the coaching industry.

As I transcended from one difficulty in my life to another, I took help of the next course to sail through it. Once I mastered my heart and mind and applied the learnings to myself, my life started improving drastically, Thus, the need to master other aspects became stronger. So, I went to various other forums that taught me about my body, emotions, spirit, karma, origin and so on. I coupled these learnings with my own scientific logics and used them in fusion to combat my challenges. Doing this unlocked the door to everything that I ever wanted in my life.

“If this could work for me, it could work for anyone else”, I thought. So, I started applying them on my troubled friends and family members & could successfully help them overcome their problems. Slowly, the desire to help others extended and my passion turned into a profession. Simultaneously, the process of getting certified from various reputed organizations, domestic and international, took off, which established me as a certified life and business coach.

As I was searching for answers to my life’s problems, I faced immense difficulty in finding a single forum that could address all aspects of my being. “There had to be an institute that combines all learnings of the mind, body, heart and soul and impart it through a common platform” I resolved. The coaching program that I run today is a bye-product of that resolution.

2 - Tell us about your area of expertise in detail. What all it does entail?
My work involves helping people with different life problems and handholding them till the end. It is about empowering them to realize their own potential, take their energies to a different level and helping them achieve whatever they want in their life; whether is professional success, happiness, peace, contentment, better relationships, improved health or anything else.

My learnings and tools allow them to integrate their mind, body, soul and emotion and bring it in alignment. This in effect enables them to take control of their life and live their dreams. This is done through one-on-one sessions, corporate trainings, workshops and seminars.

I work with people from different backgrounds, school of thought, professions and age. The problems also differ, ranging from very personal issues to those that are strictly professional. The most common issues encircle stress, anxiety, depression, parenting, fear, anger, communication, childhood healing, emotion management, relationship management, job management, leadership and so on. So, there is no ‘one recipe serves all’ kind of package. The solutions I provide are entirely customized and befitting to the person’s individual circumstances and desirable goals.

I achieve the above through my learnings as a certified Life Coach & Business Coach, Arhatic Yogi, Energy Healer. The scientific bend of mind, which I often blend and apply with my spiritual learnings, are borrowed from my Engineering degree in Electronics & Communication. Together, these certifications and degree, have provided me with the required ability to address all facets of my client’s problems. It is so fulfilling to see them improve one day at a time and walk out of my office as a completely transformed person, for better of course.

3 - Your clients must have had life-changing experiences after taking your coaching sessions. Would you like to share with us any of those?
Though there have been many such experiences which can be termed as life-changing, there are two which I would like to mention here-

Recently, I was coaching a girl suffering from gluten allergy. So, we had gone to a three days retreat where I had given various tools to help her improve her life and ensure holistic development. The magic happened after we returned. Her allergy to gluten & gluten products disappeared. At first, she was apprehensive. But, within a few days she realized that it was gone for good. Today, she can eat food items without any gluten-free tags attached to them. Finally, her life is back to normal.

A 29-year girl had walked into my office, brimming with anxiety. She suffered anxiety attacks and was on medication. I worked with her at all levels and could wean her from medications within just 2 session. Today, she is free from anxiety & lives a happy life.

4 - What results can one expect after taking your coaching sessions.
“Set your dream on fire, empower it with focus and true determination, and see it come to life.”
My coaching sessions fill you up with the power to create your own reality, just as you would like it to be. You can give your life, be it any aspect of it, a complete 360-degree makeover.
With me, you will learn how to make your mind, body, and emotions work for you and in the desired direction. You will learn to love and accept yourself and others just as they are; to bury the past behind and live in the moment; to stay positive and be in awareness of everything that surrounds you, including yourself.
Coaching is all about helping you realize your own strengths and enabling you to capitalize on them. That is what you can expect.

5 - Being a 'woman leader of impact', how do you deal with everyday stress and cope up with your busy workdays.
How you start your day decides the course of it till the end. I start it on a very special note. That is my mantra to keep the everyday stress at bay.

My morning begins with much gratitude to the Universe for the tiniest things that I am bestowed with. This is followed by meditation and kriyas. A lengthy barefoot walk on the grass keeps me rooted and is coupled with a good workout. Continuous learning is a part of my daily routine. So, I pick up one new topic and learn about it every morning. Creating a task list and making a mental note of my priorities for the day ensures that I am sorted and puts the chances of any unplanned anxiety to rest.

Together, my morning activities activates me and helps me to gain the desired momentum. I automatically get into a high energy vibration, something that cannot be broken throughout the day. It is just like riding a merry-go-round. Imagine it circling at an insane speed! What would happen if someone tries to hop on? The answer is obvious.

Similarly, once my mornings help me get into a high energy vibration, it gets impossible for low-vibrating emotions such as fear, anxiety, stress, anger, etc. to hop on. All I do is to keep a periodic check on myself every hour to ensure that I am on the right track. The more I am aligned to my purpose through these high vibrating energies, the easier it gets to pull of the day and life without any stress.
“Everything in the world is made up of energy and carries a certain frequency and vibration. Attune to these & discover the secrets of the universe.”

6 - What is your ultimate quote?
Stop taking life too seriously. The world was fine without you and will move on amazingly once you are gone. Don’t attach too much significance to life & enjoy the journey
Give in and surrender to the Universe. Open up to the possibilities. Let things happen as they are meant to be. Let go of your worries about the outcome & see the Universe spill out its magic.
Acceptance is the best gift that you can give yourself. Accept yourself just as the way you are. With all your perfections & imperfections.
We are not small beings living in this Universe but the Universe in motion. We are filled up with infinite power, power to do anything and overcome every challenge. Don't consider yourself small. Rise up, know your potential, conquer.”

7 - In the now very bustling coaching industry, how do you plan to level up with the growing standards?
The only way that anyone, including me, can level up with the growing standards is by staying true and committed to the service. That is my plan for success. Here is what differentiates me-

In the coaching industry, people usually acquire their learnings and then apply it directly to their clients. But, with me, all the tools and learnings are tried and tested. Remember my story? I have applied all of them to myself first and only once they started working for me, I started applying it on others. So, I know which ones really work and which ones don’t. I am extremely certain about their impact on my clients.

I keep the entire affair very simple. My tools and techniques are inspired by real life. This makes it hands-on and very easy to apply and adhere to for my clients, thus fetching better and quicker results.

My energy holds the space for my clients. The high energy levels create the right atmosphere for my client and helps them to vibrate at a higher frequency more easily.

Seeing people make it to their life’s goals is my truest reward. That is what I coach for. So, I ensure that I handhold them and stay with them till the end. My ultimate motive transcends my professional limitations and extends to ensuring their success and well-being.

8 - Where can our audience find you?
You can visit me at my offices at Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad with prior appointment. You can also call me at 91-9205658544 or mail me your details at peyushbhatia@journeywithin.co.in.

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