Want to Transform Your Life?

Today, most of the world is struggling with a chronic feeling of fear. As per a research by Harvard, over 19% of the population has experienced an anxiety disorder in the last 12 months. The reason could be the fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of diseases and all other things that we are afraid of. This fear stops us from exploring new things, undertaking adventures, stepping into the unknown and living life freely.
But, more than all these, did you know that fear could have very serious consequences? Being in a chronic, over-sensitive state of fear can put your physical and psychological system into a complete jeopardy. Here are its few short & long term impacts-
• Fear can lower down our immunity, result in cardiovascular diseases, enhance ageing and cause premature death. It is also attached to gastrointestinal and fertility issues.
• Fear can attack and damage our hippocampus, the part in our brain responsible for learning and memory, thus impairing our ability to form long-term memories.
• Fear interferes with our ability to control and regulate emotions, read non-verbal cues, think before responding and decision-making, leaving us a prey to intense emotions and impairing our ability to lead a normal life.
• Living in a constant state of fear can also lead to mental disorders such as depression and PTSD.
These facts call for immediate and urgent action to keep our fear in control, ride over our stress and anxieties and learn to take full control of our emotions and life. Here are a few steps that can help us to achieve these objectives-
• What is causing your fear: It is important to know your enemy before arriving at a successful strategy to defeat it. In this case, the enemy is the cause behind your fear. Brainstorm all the possible causes, make a list and then give a thought on each item. Are they actually worth being afraid of? Is there a solution to them? Can you find an alternative way to deal with them? Once you assess you fears, you will find that you are unnecessarily stressed by most of them, leaving only a few to spend your attention on.
• Know that you have a choice: Fear is all about your mindset. Living with a positive mindset gives you the choice to assert your power and control of your fear. Once you have identified the reason behind your fears, you have two choices- to blame the people and circumstances for it or to take charge of them and stop them from haunting you. Which one would you choose? Remember that you and only you have the power to change your life.
• Live in the present: Fear often stems from your past experiences or worries about the future. The best way to mitigate it is to stop thinking about the past or future and be fully aware of the present. This will not only help you to combat fear but also help you to enjoy the current moment. So, stop indulging in things that remind you of your past, stay away from negative people, take a break, spend time with your kid and live in the present.
• Step out of your comfort zone: Fear keeps you away from exploring unchartered terrains. It keeps you away from the unpredictability of life and keeps you in a zone that you consider as safe. But growth always lies out of the comfort zone. Crossing the line of fear is the only way to go after your dreams and live in fulfilment.
• Failure in inevitable: Most of us do not try things or pursue a goal for the fear of failure. But failure is inevitable. It is a part of the learning process to do things better the next time. It steers you to approach the problem differently and transform you into a more efficient person. Quit fearing failure and create a success story of your own.
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