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What if parenting came with a handbook? The moment your child was born, someone could tell you a perfect way to raise up your kids? Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way. As children grow, parents grow with them and slowly discover their way to raising a happy child. But, in some cases they are unable to do so. It might seem like a never-ending struggle as things go from bad to worse.

Your children might not listen to you, disrespect your opinions, hide important things or grow very distant. You may be perceived as an orthodox, judgemental, or fault-finding parent. Your child might develop bad habits, feel depressed, show excessive aggression, or show lack of confidence. Not just this, it can also create a long-lasting negative impact on his behaviour, studies, future relationships, mindset and life’s progress.

Let us admit it. Raising a confident, happy child is certainly not a cake-walk and many parents fail miserably at it. But does that make you a bad parent? Not at all. All that you and your child needs is some guidance from a parenting expert. An outside perspective to the whole situation can be magical for your relationship. We, with our practical and researched approach, have helped parents communicate and connect better with their children and ensure that they do well and stay happy. To get your child on the right developmental track, connect today!

Signs of negative parenting

  • Unhappy, depressed children with low ability to express their emotions
  • Antisocial behaviours, lack of empathy and concern for others
  • Unable to handle tough situations on their own, more susceptible to breakdowns
  • Excessive physical or emotional aggression on trivial matters
  • Difficulty in making new friends or maintaining existing relationships
  • Excessive shyness and difficulty coping up in new situations

  • Course Offerings

  • Discover the blind spots in your parenting
  • Find out what is troubling your child
  • Overcome the issues through certified coaching procedures
  • Share open communication with your child and connect better
  • Boost your child’s skills and create a better environment for emotional, mental and psychological growth
  • Raise a confident, self-motivated, happy child
  • Develop a desirable parent-child bond